Team building trainings


Trained in teambuilding techniques by Project Adventure & Outward Bound in the USA and Action for Excellence International, in Europe, I have been working with teams (corporate, schools, project teams…) since 1985 in a variety of contexts, countries and languages.

A time out for teams to learn new skills in managment, communication, conflict resoltions and other related topics blended together with group exercises for team cohesion.  Resolving challenges with a time for narrative exchanges around shared values, resources, and visions helps teams re-contact the meaning and the pleasure of working together, mobilize energy for new projects, and reinforce the foundations of new or established teams.

I specialise in working with internationaland intercultural teams

Examples of clients: New England Telephone, Showa Japanese Institute, Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Ericsson Telecom, Sida Info Service, Médecins du Monde….