Need some space, a moment « out of time » to nourish and give life to your projects & commitments?
Inspiration, resources to help concretize a dream, a vision, to advance a personal or professional project?

L'équipe lève la voile
L’équipe lève la voile

Nourished by the metaphor of rites of passage or « migrations of identity», Crossings workshops take place on islands (Sao Miguel, Azores, Groix in Britany…).

Each day will include thematic workshops and outdoor exploration. The metaphor of the crossing will color our exercises, narrative and creative practices, sharing and witnessing. The program is designed to energize and engage body, mind, and spirit.

Voyage for the discovery of personal natural resources. Individual and group exercises are designed to foster support and challenge you to explore new territories, in an inspiring and supportive environment.

Le ferry
The ferry


Les Açores

The next Crossings workshop will take place in the Azores
Date : June 19-26, 2022

Séance à Groix
Séance à Groix

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