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The call to adventure

Welcome to Narraventures :

An invitation to embark on an adventure, to rediscover and reclaim the «rights of authorship” to your life, to rekindle your curiosity and your excitement about the outcome …
Nourished by the many roots of Narrative Practices: cultural anthropology, philosophy, family therapy and systemic approach, and social activism, « Narraventures » extends the invitation to explore different adventures in the « narrative » mode and to reconnect with what has meaning and purpose for you, collectively or individually.

Narrative Practices

Developed in Australia and New Zealand by Michael White and David Epston, Narrative Practices seek to be a respectful non- blaming approach for accompanying people. Used in therapy, social work, coaching, medicine and other forms of accompanying individuals, couples, groups, teams and communities, it centers people as the experts in their own lives. It views problems as separate from people, and locates their support systems in the larger socio-cultural context. The Narrative Approach assumes people have many competencies, skills and abilities that, when connected with their values, commitments and beliefs, will assist them in reducing the influence of problems and re- becoming authors of their own lives.